Why Youth Ministry Coaching?

Do you remember riding a bike for the first time?  How about the first time you fried an egg?  Or the first time you threw a ball or slid into second?  Did you automatically know how to do those things or were you coached in how to do them?  You know the answer of course.  I still remember the sights, smells and sizzle the first time I cooked an egg, but more than anything else I remember the loving guidance of my mother as I did it.  She was an amazing cook and I trusted her guidance.  I moved forward confidently because she was there providing direction and adding just the right dashes of salt and pepper along the way.

We all have ideas about how our vision and plans should play out in our ministry settings, but reality can quickly remind us of this simple life truth – we need coaching.  We have outlined three basic reasons why being coached as a youth ministry professional is a good idea.

It is Biblical

Whoever aspires to be an overseer desires a noble task-1 Timothy 3:1

Your quest to serve is a noble one-deserving the best of your time and attention.  Your role, regardless of the size of your youth ministry is that of an overseer and those who shepherd need shepherded.

We are amazed at the number of ministry professionals who are not in coaching relationships.

We are not amazed when those same ministry professionals quit, burn out or worse yet trudge forward in joyless, fruitless ministry.

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses,  entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others-2 Timothy 2:2.

If you do not have someone coaching you as you minister to others you might want to take another longer look at Biblical models of ministry.

It is fruitful

When we enter into coaching relationships we experience what most people secretly want but don’t know how to acquire – the voice of someone who has been there and done that and is ready to listen.  Most youth pastors begin to thrive immediately when they realize that coaching is primarily an encouraging relationship.

Most youth pastors have an idea about what will work best in their ministry setting but simply lack the confidence to move forward.

We are amazed at how quickly confidence builds in youth pastors who are coached.

We are not amazed when we encounter frustrated youth pastors who are not in coaching relationships.

It is exponential

Have you seen youth ministries “blow up” (in spiritual depth and numerical growth)?  We have!

We have watched youth ministries led by youth pastors humble enough to seek coaching build incredible teams of faithful adults who simply love kids into the kingdom. 

We are amazed at what God can do when we submit ourselves to coaching relationships.

We are not amazed when frustrated youth pastors struggle to access the potential in their churches to build faithful, effective and fruitful ministries.

Student Ministry Solutions exists to help you and your ministries become all that you dream it can be.

We pursue covenant relationships, not contracts.  We are coaches, not consultants (Though we know some great consultants we can direct you to).  Invariably when our coaching time is completed we have developed a valued ministry colleague and friend.

We would love to journey with you and your church and can talk to you further regarding our process.  Click “Our Approach” below and learn more.


Our Approach