Team-Up: How to Up Your Team

Posted By Jason Brown on Jan 16, 2014 |

Growing up, I was fascinated by teams. The comics I bought were team-ups of the best heroes. My favorite teams consisted of, not superstar driven spinning scoreboards, but the perfect hand-in-glove-harmony of people working together to achieve a common goal.

Jesus himself believed in teams, forming a a dynamic dozen that would change the world in his name. 

Teamwork is the offspring of team health. As the team-leader, you are not only responsible for assembling a tremendous team, but making sure they remain healthy.  Here are some great markers of team and ministry health.

  • We have met or exceeded a ratio of 1:5 adult for every participating youth.
  • We consistently identify folks with gifts to serve in the youth ministry.
  • Our volunteers consistently return year after year
  • Our volunteers “brag” on the ministry
  • Our volunteers receive yearly training and quarterly check-in times
  • Our volunteers are given time off
  • Our volunteers receive curriculum with adequate time for planning
  • Our volunteers enjoy being with one-another
  • Unsolicited, folks ask how to be involved in our ministry

Is your team truly a team or simply a group of people waiting on you, the superstar, to show up?