Simplify 2017 (part 2)

Posted By Jason Brown on Jan 4, 2017 |

Habits are the invisible architecture of your life (Brian Solis) and your ministry. In order to effectively minister, you simplify the chaos and diversity of your job. How do you simplify a job that calls on you to be a preacher, counselor, curriculum designer, worship leader, game designer, adolescent expert, parent liaison, logistics expert, treasurer, and secretary all on average Monday?


Structure your week through simplification. Plan specific tasks at regular times throughout an average week.


Here’s what works for me:


  1. Administrative Monday


Anything that involves money, logistics, trip-planning, volunteer meetings, or parent meetings I schedule on Monday. The nuts and bolts of ministry happen here.


  1. Talking Tuesday


Here, I develop my message for the upcoming Sunday. I clear out my morning, turn off my phone, and close the computer in order to focus solely what I will be sharing on the upcoming Sunday.


  1. Worship Design Wednesday


On Wednesday, I take the curriculum I developed on Tuesday and begin to place within the worship context. Songs, creative elements, activities, games, flow out of my Wednesday morning work. This typically happens with my ministry team.


  1. Throwdown Thursday


Thursday is an acknowledgement that life happens. Students stop by, families have crises, and Sunday is closer than ever. Thursday morning is clear to tie up any loose ends that did not get done. If, for example, someone needs pastoral care on Tuesday, I move sermon prep to Wednesday and worship design to Thursday. Consider Thursday as the “net” in case you fall off the trapeze. If I am on schedule, Thursday becomes long-range planning.


There are other things that happen throughout the week – but my weekday mornings are blocked out for these particular tasks.