Simplify 2017 (part 1)

Posted By Jason Brown on Jan 2, 2017 |

The most powerful practice of the presence of God is simplicity. Activity overload leads to fatigue, burnout, and resentment; emotional weeds that choke the roots of your love for God and people. Simplification leads to sustainability of your ministry and your spiritual well being.


How do you simplify your calendar?


  1. Program only for what you need.



If you can’t explain quickly and succinctly why a program exists, and how it leads to deeper discipleship, stop doing it.



  1. Program for one big “event” every six to eight weeks.


Space creates opportunity to build-up an event, celebrate it afterwards, and make sure it is well planned and well executed. Busy families want well-executed programming.


  1. Set deadlines. Enforce them


Deadlines exist to help you nail down necessary logistics – food, travel, paperwork. Extending deadlines, while done to be kind and graceful, often leads to frustration. If you are uncomfortable with “deadlines” set an “early bird” and a “late penalty” to kindly encourage folks to sign up.


Simplicity is a sign of a healthy minister and a healthy ministry. How will you make things simpler in 2017?