“A coach is someone who cares that people create what they say they want; that they follow through when they choose.  The coach is there to hold people accountable and keep them moving forward toward their dreams and goals.”  

– Co-Active Coaching


What is the our process for Coaching?

The entire process is collaborative, combining the desires of the church, the church staff member being coached, and our team.

  • Initial Consultation – This is our first point of contact with you.  This time is designed for us to get to know you and hear about your concerns/issues as well as allowing you to get know our team.   This is a valuable and important step for us as we begin to formulate a coaching plan for you.  This is usually done via phone call or video conference.
  • Onsite visit  – We spend a day with church staff members and key volunteers to identify the specific areas of need.
  • Choose your coaching plan and “stones” – This step is where your coaching plan comes to life as we work together to create concrete action plans and steps to take moving forward.
  • Covenant agreement – Student Ministry Solutions works within the framework of Christian community.  Therefore, we pursue covenants, not contracts.  We ask the pastor and youth worker to enter into a covenant of shared ministry expectations for the duration of our coaching.
  • Coaching begins – After our visits and covenant agreement is in place we begin implementing your coaching plan. Your weekly coaching plan will always include a video chat and an “Encouragement Drills” email customized for you and your coaching plan.


Now that you’ve gotten a brief overview, we would love to talk more about how we can partner with you.

Let’s talk!