Playing Fair

Posted By Tony Akers on Jan 23, 2014 |

We used to not take formal attendance. We relied on the often unreliable memory of our adult leaders. In an effort to follow-up with missing students, I sent postcards emblazoned (in great font!) with WE MISSED YOU.

Except one postcard went to a student who was present.

I fell all over myself to explain the oversight. But my lack of administrative excellence communicated something powerful to the student: we didn’t notice you were here.

Administrative elements, although sometimes tedious, are the grease that makes your ministry vehicle go. If you are frantically mixing Kool-Aid, you can’t be conversant with the students gathered outside the kitchen. Administrative excellence during the workweek ensures you have space to be who you need to be when your students are present. 

Here’s a quick break down to assess if you are living into administrative excellence.

  • Our work week is planned upon arrival on Monday
  • Our ministry needs are scheduled well in advance (Rooms, vehicles, etc.)
  • My church administrator likes me (Bonus points if they work in the youth ministry)
  • We are consistently within budget
  • Our budgeting priorities flow from our ministry priorities
  • We return church vehicles in better condition than we left
  • We clean up after ourselves
  • We communicate well internally
  • We anticipate collaborative needs among our church staff and prepare accordingly
  • The youth ministry is considered a team player
  • We offer ourselves and the youth to serve in other ministries in the church

Administration is part and parcel of your ministry. Make sure your faithfulness extends to your work throughout the week.