Our Vision

  • We believe God is especially at work in the life-altering questions and life-giving relationships embedded in youth ministries.
  • We believe that the day to day work of youth workers (paid or volunteer) has the power to change hearts, communities, and lives.
  • We are youth ministers committed to equipping those who serve youth ministries to realize God’s vision in their context

Before the boy David met the giant Goliath in battle he knelt beside a stream and pulled 5 smooth stones from the river.  He used what he had to face the giant.  Obviously, God was with David in battle, but he used David’s giftedness (Not Saul’s armor) to guide his approach.  We believe that each youth pastor brings different strengths and gifting to their vocation.  Every youth pastor has things they do well and that they return to often when facing the “giants” of ministry.  But what about those areas in our ministry approach that are weaker?  What do we miss because of our ministry blind spots?  We use the metaphor of “stones” to describe these areas.

Student Ministry Solutions knows that sometimes in order to succeed we need help identifying and developing ministry skill sets. We also know that each youth pastor benefits from mentoring relationships with those who have “been there, done that.” Our coaching exists to assist this need. We are youth pastors who have been coached ourselves.  We believe the knowledge gained through ministry coaching and our experience in youth ministry is something that needs to be shared and that is too important not to share.