On Vision (Part 3)

Posted By Jason Brown on Mar 3, 2016 |

Your vision should be clear, concise, quotable, and audacious.

Vision that is not easily understood is quickly lost in translation. Vision that isn’t clear peters out in transition. The clearer the vision, the more easily it ripples beyond the source.

The longer the vision, the more it leaks. Commas and run-on sentences poke holes in an otherwise powerful vision. The brevity of a concise vision focuses the mind and the energy of the people.

In the information age, attention wins. Quotable vision gives your vision life beyond your lips. A memorable summation of vision fortifies against forgetfulness.

Audacious vision activates passion within you and your congregation. Audacious vision isn’t “winning the world for Christ!” (which you simply cannot do alone). Audacity stirs the individual, communicates the value of the endeavor, and invites people into something bigger than themselves.