Four Warning Signs of Burnout

Posted By Jason Brown on Mar 15, 2017 |

Ministry is emotionally, mentally, and spiritually taxing. Regular, recurring, and renewing Sabbath is key to not just a sustained minister, but also a sustainable ministry. Are you in need of rest and renewal?


  1. Are you resentful of the people you are ministering among?


All of us have been frustrated when a program didn’t go according to plan or a youth caused the toilet to overflow (again). If your frustration compounds into anger and resentment, you may be on the verge of burnout.


  1. Are you bored with your own ministry?


Every job has components you love and parts you hate. If the parts you used to love are also slowly sliding into drudgery, you have moved beyond your call or beyond your capacity.


  1. Is your temper is flaring up?


Patience is a pre-requisite for ministry. If you are becoming increasingly impatient (with yourself, your youth, your coworkers, or parents), it is time to step back and evaluate your time.


  1. Is your hope is dimming?


Scripture leaves little room for cynicism; yet the milieu of ministry is often conducive for it. Perhaps you have taken on too much (personally and in your ministry) and need help.


While God calls us within our capacity, he does not desire us (or our ministry) to burnout. Intentional Sabbath, scheduled time off, and honest assessment of our capacity create the context for strategic and sustainable ministry.