Cookies and Resolutions

Posted By Jason Brown on Jan 1, 2019 |

I had resolved to eat less sugar in 2019. After welcoming the New Year in with friends, our contribution to the party held one last cookie. (Read the last three words again, but one word at a time, with the appropriate gravity of ONE. LAST. COOKIE.) It was a special occasion. I couldn’t throw it away. Forty-five minutes into my 2019 resolution, I was already off the wagon. Here are some that (I hope) will last longer.

  • fall in love with God again
  • rediscover your personal curiosity for what God is doing in the world
  • rediscover what makes you feel the presence of God, and lean into it
  • recognize the presence of God in every student and family you serve
  • recommit to patience with difficult teenagers
  • cultivate friendships outside of ministry
  • cultivate a spirit of possibility
  • take a risk in your ministry
  • give yourself permission to try something new
  • give yourself permission to finally stop the program that no longer works
  • have grace for yourself
  • have grace for others