Old School Tools (Part 6)

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Your students value connection – particularly “safe” connection from behind a screen. Texting has become the primary way in which teenagers communicate; sending in excess of 60 texts per day. (Not counting WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, or other texting based apps). Sports, awards shows, and sitcoms have harnessed the power of connection via second screen experience. Every hashtag is an opportunity to connect. The goal of...

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Old School Tools (Part 4)

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If you have ever been shocked at how quickly it got dark while you a) tried to balance your phone in one hand and cabin list in the other b) cozied up next to a headlight while calling out small group lists c) attempted to organize a game with a flashlight in your mouth it’s time to upgrade. A headlamp, the original hands-free device, can end the awkward yoga-towards-the-light poses. Cheap and lightweight, the headlamp gives you...

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Old School Tools (Part 3)

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(Part One – the underrated clipboard here) (Part Two – the magical whiteboard here) Yellow and blue make green, and clear and waterproof bags make wizardry. The beauty of these bags is the ease of storage and see-age (the ability to see-through, that is.) Capable of holding pens, playing cards, notecards, dice, and the all-important medication On mission trips, ski trips, retreats, and weekly programming, ziploc bags can...

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Old School Tools (Part 2)

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(Part one can be found here) Few man-made things are more beautiful than the dry-erase board. The soft glide of color-coded information decorating the board like Christmas lights brings even the most chaotic mind (or ministry) into harmony. The squeaky markers become the soundtrack of ministry dreams. In a few swoops, your curriculum plan or event schedule can be mapped. Multiple markers can mark out your ministry year. Each week, my...

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Old School Tools (Part 1)

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The head-spinning pace of technology has revolutionized the way we do ministry – most of it for the better! Tools like twitter, Instagram, Facebook, texting, etc. have provided new ways to connect with students and develop life-giving ministry. In the midst of Snapchats (which you should not get) and Evernote (which you should), there are several “old school” tools that defy replacement. The first: the clipboard....

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