mission trips

This is not scientific in any way.  It is not proven through social science.  It cannot be graphed on a chart (yet anyway).  It just happens EVERY time I take a youth group anywhere for a week.  You may call it something else but I suspect you will recognize it for the real phenomena that it is. I call it “The Flow.” Day 1– Everyone arrives a church excited to hit the road.  The parking lot is filled with parents, youth and...

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Beyond the Borders

Posted By on Jun 3, 2014 in Blog, leading, mission trips, missions |

I love taking youth out of country in mission.  Nothing awakens kids spiritually more than being about the great commission in a foreign context.  Like a morning glory flower, their hearts and mind open to Christ and they are formed in ways I rarely witness at home.  While I am thankful for these opportunities, we do not do foreign missions often – only one out of three years. Great mission trips don’t happen in a vacuum. So, how does...

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