On Vision (Part 3)

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Your vision should be clear, concise, quotable, and audacious. Vision that is not easily understood is quickly lost in translation. Vision that isn’t clear peters out in transition. The clearer the vision, the more easily it ripples beyond the source. The longer the vision, the more it leaks. Commas and run-on sentences poke holes in an otherwise powerful vision. The brevity of a concise vision focuses the mind and the energy of the...

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On Vision (part 2)

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The most overlooked component of vision is contextualization. Vision that is removed from the regular rhythms of life quickly evaporates. Your vision should rest in the tension between your world as it is and your world as you want it to be. What is God calling your people to do? What difference does it make to the people who live next door? (part 1 here)

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There is a movie I cannot stop watching.  If it is on television I will be glued to it regardless of where I pick it up in the flow of movie.  I watched it while it made its circuit on all the movie channels.  My wife thinks I am nuts.  My children think I am obsessed.  I quote the movie and I believe it has shaped me–I am just not sure to what extent!  I read the book to try to figure out my obsession.  I recently re-read the...

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