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The call to be a senior pastor is a heavy one. Rarely are two days the same. “Ministry” can happen in a moment’s notice and can suck up several days. Any one day can include emergency visits to the hospital, marriage counseling, funeral preparation, denominational meetings, sermon preparation, wedding preparation, business meetings, building maintenance, an impromptu counseling in the canned good aisle of the grocery store, or even...

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The Introverted Youth Pastor

Posted By on Nov 1, 2015 in Uncategorized |

I am a strong introvert in a large ministry. If that seems oxymoronic, you aren’t alone. Despite half the population being introverts, we have come to define “youth ministry” and “introvert” in mutually exclusive terms. It has been a struggle that I am thankful for. Being introverted does not mean: You are shy That you do not like people That reading is your preferred form of recreation That you do not enjoy leading from the front...

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