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The Sacredness of Trying

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I learned very early in my ministry that not everyone would like me. I learned every parent and every student carried unique emotional, relational, and theological baggage into every interaction I had with them. I learned that not every program I worked hard to create and execute would be well attended. I learned that students will text while you speak and snapchat while you pray. I have felt the sting of the unanswered text, the...

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Old School Tools (Part 7)

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I am an introvert who tends to stress at surprises and unexpected twists. The most important old-school tool I have discovered: a pack of gum. Chewing gum is a proven stress reliever – and a much better one than throwing or breaking any of the other old school tools we’ve shared (here, here, here, here, here, and here). Gum also has tremendous community-enhancing qualities. Whip out a pack of gum and in 4.67 seconds, you...

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Old School Tools (Part 6)

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Your students value connection – particularly “safe” connection from behind a screen. Texting has become the primary way in which teenagers communicate; sending in excess of 60 texts per day. (Not counting WhatsApp, Snapchat, Kik, or other texting based apps). Sports, awards shows, and sitcoms have harnessed the power of connection via second screen experience. Every hashtag is an opportunity to connect. The goal of...

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Old School Tools (Part 5)

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I learned the hard way – if it isn’t written down, it is forgotten. One of the key components of ministry is remembering – names, stories, experiences – and following up on them. When I am on retreat, mission, or any extended period with my students, I have a pen and journal in my back pocket. Literally. I pull it out often – to note conversations (curriculum potential), experiences (to celebrate or commiserate...

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  Got your attention? Many churches and denominations demand that each ministry have a committee to represent decisions related to their ministry area. This is not, of course, a bad idea unless it is executed poorly. Here is what I have found after almost three decades of dealing with youth councils— Problems Participants see their role as advisory. Most decisions will still be made by you-The youth pastor. Most of the work will still...

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