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Echoes of Faith

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I hate roller coasters. I really hate everything about them. I hate the ghastly heights, the incredible speed, the shaking to and fro, the claustrophobia I feel at being locked in, and even the smell. But I am a youth pastor, therefore, I have to ride some. The worst part for me is the anticipation—the “click, click, click” and the disappearance of the first car over the hill is the worst. Despite the best coaching from my middle...

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There is a movie I cannot stop watching.  If it is on television I will be glued to it regardless of where I pick it up in the flow of movie.  I watched it while it made its circuit on all the movie channels.  My wife thinks I am nuts.  My children think I am obsessed.  I quote the movie and I believe it has shaped me–I am just not sure to what extent!  I read the book to try to figure out my obsession.  I recently re-read the...

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