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Helicopter Parents

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Whomp, whomp, whomp… That is the sound of the rotors turning on a “helicopter parent.”  You have them in your ministry and frankly they can drive you crazy. The “whomp” “whomp” of their questions can begin to sound like the drone of the teacher from Charlie Brown’s classroom.  You avoid them in the church halls by dashing into the bathroom.  As a matter of fact, you are familiar with all the mop closets as well.  When they finally...

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I love youth workers.  They are some of the most creative, progressive thinkers and practical theologians in Christendom.  As Kenda Creasy-Dean has said, “Youth ministers and youth ministries are the research and development arm of the church.”  One thing I have found among them all is common terminology describing themselves.  You hear it at youth ministry conferences and in descriptions written in blogs and websites and even social...

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